The City of Greater Geelong is taking care of business.

We’re offering free expert help and personalised support to local business impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.

We can connect you with experts in the areas of grant writing, human resources, digital marketing, business finances, legal matters and occupational health and safety.  You can also receive professional and confidential health and wellbeing support, one-on-one business mentoring and online COVID-smart workplace training.  Apply for one area of support or apply for them all.

The Borough of Queenscliffe is also extending this support to their business community.

Apply now and get the help you need to reset and recover after COVID-19 restrictions.


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Grant writing

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Up-to-date, accurate, accessible infectious disease management training for workplaces

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Expert help provided by the Small Business Mentoring Service.

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Health and wellbeing

Solutions-oriented health and wellbeing support and coaching.

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Business Supported

I would like to say thank you very much for the support that the City of Greater Geelong has provided as a result of the COVID pandemic. Your Geelong Business Support professional services offering has been of great assistance to my company and is most appreciated. In addition, the financial assistance with health registration refunds and discounts has been very helpful. Thank you again for these generous considerations and hoping that the Geelong community is coming back strong.

Cathy WhiteManaging Director, H&H Corporation Australia

The Geelong Business Support Program does an amazing job at making professional business advice accessible and available to small businesses and non-profits. I'm really pleased to be a part of this program, because it means I get to help small businesses one on one with strategies, ideas and how-to knowledge that helps them rebuild after such a difficult year. I get to take the mystery out of grants, and that has been so helpful for local businesses. Thanks, City of Greater Geelong council!

Martina DonkersGrant Strategy Consulting

The support we received from the City of Greater Geelong was fantastic, Anther Distillery is a new business in Geelong and we availed ourselves of HR support and digital marketing support. These helped us in two wonderful ways. Firstly we got practical support and guidance from seasoned professionals in the industry which has helped our business grow. Secondly, we got to connect with other local small businesses and people in a very tough time. We felt very supported by council and our business community and have continued to work with these businesses. Thank you for helping us out in a very tough time.

Dervilla McGowanFounder and distiller, Anther Distilleries

2020 has been a challenging year for many businesses, so I'm thrilled to work with companies to help them source funding solutions through Geelong Business Support. The program has been an invaluable tool for these businesses to be able to receive focused support and professional advice on what grants and funding programs are currently available and are suitable for their immediate and long-term needs. The sessions have allowed me to spend quality time learning more about their business goals, find new funding and support opportunities, develop plans and answer questions specific to their own needs. I would highly encourage any businesses in the City of Greater Geelong to get involved in this fantastic program and book in for their first free one-hour session.

Carolyn GannellHead On Business Services

This was a fantastic experience as it has enabled me to re-brand my clinic and given me lots of marketing ideas for the future!

Daniel WoodGeelong osteopath

The Business Support Program has been an exceptional initiative. Providing small businesses with help that is so specific to their individual challenges, right now, in this changing environment where we can help them be adaptable, flexible and creative, has been wonderful to be part of. The initiative offers immediate one on one help to businesses, when they have the time to be working on their business. Well done City of Greater Geelong on the foresight to introduce such a great program.

Mel StewartManaging Director, HyperSocial

The advice we received helped us develop a risk mitigation method to manage throughout this crisis and feel more confident going forward.

Terrance BreenAsphalt Paving Services

Coulter Roache has been pleased to support Geelong businesses during 2020, a year which has created unprecedented challenges for businesses throughout the Greater Geelong region. Through the City of Greater Geelong Business Support Program businesses have received support in employment and leasing matters from our expert lawyers.

Belinda PerisicGeneral Manager, Coulter Roache

[The program] is all about preparing in a positive way to thrive as we head out of this pandemic. I hope it can reach many others who, like me, need help forward planning

Pati SeilerArchitect

We encourage every business to take advantage of this opportunity for support during this challenging time. Thanks to the City for this great initiative.

Ben FlynnChief Executive Officer, Geelong Chamber of Commerce

The Geelong Business Support initiative has provided an important avenue for local businesses to access much-needed help and support to transition their business to online and build effective digital campaigns. Through the program we’ve helped a number of local businesses set up strategies and campaigns to keep cash flow moving through this difficult time. Businesses need help, support and confidence-building through this time, and this initiative has done exactly that!

Matt CowdellDirector, Arthur St Digital